Top mistakes in dropshipping niche selection

published on 12 July 2021

Choosing the wrong niche is one of the major mistakes many new drop shippers make every day. The selection of the Dropshipping niche is the major thing when you are starting your dropshipping business. So whenever you are about to open a dropshipping store or you already have your dropshipping store so you should give time for your research and select one of the best dropshipping niches for your store.

If you are a beginner and want to start your dropshipping business first, the most important thing is to decide the best dropshipping store for your business.

After this, you can come to the niche selection part and decide one of the best products for your store without making mistakes in selecting products.

So before you make any further mistake in the selection of products let me share with you the number of bad dropshipping niches that may make a bad impact on your store ratings and may harm your business.

  • Large and Heavy items
  • Heavy items are one of the most avoided products in the dropshipping business because nobody wants to spend more money and want satisfaction in products and whenever we buy online it will also charge more for shipping according to the weight and any of the person will highly recommend buying heavy products from any nearby store.

Heavy products are more difficult to return at the same point if the product bought is not working it will become a hassle for a consumer to return it and get back at the same time.

So you should avoid adding heavy items in the dropshipping store so you wouldn’t be in a loss.

  • Clothing and Lifestyle
  • Clothing and lifestyle are the most trending things at the time but it's also creating a huge loss at a time. Clothing and lifestyle niche is also becoming one of the worst dropshipping niches in 2020.

If we are looking at the lifestyle part most of the things like household items, kitchen stuff cleaning items these all things people mostly recommend buying it from the nearby store more then the dropshipping stores.

These items are not trending because such items are found nearby to each and every person

More about if we talk about the clothes people buy huge amount from an online store but if they are having any of the issues like size problem or fabric issues people mostly return the products and its most common in clothing section that most of the products are been returned by the buyer and it creates a mess both for a buyer and the supplier. So it's better not to sell clothing and lifestyle products in your dropshipping store because it may cause a huge loss and may impact on your ratings too. 

  • Delicate or fragile products
  •  Selling delicate and fragile products is also bad for your dropshipping store. During the time of shipping, the fragile products are not easy to handle and it can easily be broken during shipping.

It may also lead to many of the bad impacts on your store if a product is not reached safely to the consumer and may affect selling other better products on your store.

Shipping of fragile products is the worst mistake drop shippers do and it also harms sales of your dropshipping business.

So we suggest you avoid adding fragile items like glass, ceramics, etc on your online dropshipping store.

  • A product that can’t be Advertised
  • Advertisements for your store is the main part if you are opening a dropshipping store, It may help you to gain more profits and add much more traffic on your site.

But what if any of the products can’t be advertised, so we had to avoid those products to be sold in our store if you are selling those products that may lead to the loss and also lead to a bad impact on your store.

Examples of such items are drug-related items, surveillance-related stocks, and cannabis items too.

Avoid selling these types of products in your store to have better profits and better reviews and ratings.

  • Avoid products that are not trending
  • Products you add on your dropshipping store should be on-trend. If you are adding some of the products that are not trending online may harm your dropshipping business and that may lead to a great loss.

For example, if you are selling earphones on your store which are not in trends and not having good features as other products selling online.

You should avoid such products to be sold in your store.



So, these are some of the worst dropshipping niches to be avoided in 2021 to make your dropshipping store the best and avoiding them will help you raise your dropshipping business. Add trending products to get much more traffic in your store.

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