Product Descriptions


How does a customer land on your site? Chances are they come through an online advertising channel or social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Google search network. Now that a potential customer has landed on your site due to those great ads you have been running, its time to convince them to buy your products. This can be done with several things like good web design, enticing photos, and the best product description you can write for each item.

Product descriptions are essential for ecommerce brands and can actually help you increase sales! If you sell any type of product you need to make sure your descriptions are enticing, informative, and optimised. The best product description will not only convince customers that they want your product but that they need it and can't live without it! A product description is your chance to tell people why your company is the best and why they should purchase your product.

This service is perfect for: Anyone who is having trouble generating sales with their current product descriptions. OR Anyone who is just starting their store and doesn't have the time to create their own.

You have an amazing product and beautiful photos, then why leave the sales because of weakproduct descriptions? Let us help you make your website bulletproof with these professionally written product descriptions.

Why Order From Us:

  • High quality product descriptions that will generate sales
  • Zero plagiarism guaranteed
  • Product titles that stand out and are easy to read
  • American English with absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes
  • SEO optimised product descriptions and titles that will drive clicks on Google
  • Competitor research to keep you ahead in your market.

What Will You Get:

  • 1 Product Description (Per Product)
  • 1 Title Included (Per Product)
  • 4 Bullet points Included (Per Product)
  • 200-250 Words description (Per product)
  • Competitor Research

Product Descriptions

You have an amazing product and beautiful photos, so why lose the sale because of weakproduct descriptions?