Why you need Shopify SEO as a service?

Starting a new Shopify store is not enough to get sales. Just listing your product won’t do the work, you need to bring traffic to your Shopify store in order to reach your potential customers. Search Engine Optimization, often known as SEO is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your online store. Search engine optimization helps your store rank higher in the search results of the web browser. This way, potential customers searching for your product online will find your website’s link. These potential customers might make a purchase while visiting your website. This way, you can get sales at no additional cost, unlike in the case of paid advertising techniques.

Needless to say, the better optimized your store will be, the better the ranking on the search engines.

SEO is a form of free advertisement which will not only help you increase your store’s sales but also help you increase your store’s credibility at the same time.

Even though there are a lot of DIY ways of Search engine optimization implementation such as installing SEO apps, the reality is that SEO is much more complicated and does not yield and benefits if done incompletely. If done using wrong techniques, it can even have a negative impact on your store’s SEO. This is the reason why hiring an SEO expert with the right knowledge and experience is very important.

What we offer

We at Ecommerceify provide top quality ecommerce SEO service to rank your store and products better on search engines and as well as take you one step ahead of your competitors.

Title and description: Our team of professional SEO experts will custom build Title and Descriptions for your Shopify store according to market needs and in such a way that it would attract and keep your potential customers engaged with your product pages. Well-arranged titles and descriptions result in a better conversion rate for your store.

Indexing Pages: To get your store and products visible on SERP, it is very important to let search engines know that your Shopify store exists. Indexing your store and its pages on search engines helps in making your store visible to search engines. Ecommerceify SEO service index your store on search engines to let them know about your store’s presence.

Robots.txt: Configuring robot.txt for your store is very crucial, as it is very important to let search engine crawlers know which pages are permitted to crawl and which are not. Robots.txt provides you the authority to allow or disallow crawlers to access pages that you might find sensitive to share with a third party. We customize robots.txt file in such a way that your sensitive information remains uncrawlable by the search engine crawl bots.

SEO friendly URL: Having a URL that provides a brief idea about the content it contains is always better than some random generated URL. URL having specific keywords related to your product listing can help you rank better on search engines. Our experts customize URL in a way that is SEO friendly and at the same time deliver the essence of the website.

H1 and H2 optimization: Heading 1 and Heading 2 tags play a vital role in SERP ranking. Having them optimized with the top quality keywords is a must. Also, delivering meaningful content in it is as important as the keywords in it. SEO service at Ecommerceify optimizes H1 and H2 tags for you to get better ranking on search engines.

Product Tags: Product tags can help in better ranking as they are more products specific as compared to keywords that are generally covering broad areas. Having product tags helps search engines connect with your product page better as the search query is more relevant to the product. We develop product tags for your product listing.

Meta Title and Description optimization: We at Ecommerceify prioritize Meta title and description the most as we know how important it is to have a well-optimized and organized meta title and descriptions. It includes the contents that get displayed on SERP, and depending on the content in its ranking of the page is calculated to a great extent.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is the core of your SEO. It can decide the fate of your products as well as of your Shopify store. Therefore careful selection of keywords for which you wish to rank is a significant step of SEO. We have years of experience in keyword research and have specific tools that help in finding the most suited keyword for your product listings. Ecommerceify optimizes your page with the top quality keyword which would help in gaining the maximum outreach for your store.

Keyword Proximity: It is an important term, that lets the search engine better connect with your keyword. It is the difference between individual keywords within a search term. Closer the keywords to the search query more the chances for the search engine to rank you better. We optimize keywords, titles, and descriptions in such a way that keyword proximity is the least.

OG title and description optimization: Implementing OG titles and descriptions into your store won’t directly affect your on-page SEO, but it will improve the performance of your links on social media. We have experience in this field and we can improve your link performance on social media platforms.

Store submission on Google Webmaster: Google is a fruitful search engine. Google reports having over 6.5 Billion searches per day. Ranking on Google’s search engine will bring potential customers to your Shopify store. Ecommerceify submits your store on Google’s webmaster platform to register your store on it so that your store can rank better on Google’s SERP.


How long does it take?
We normally complete our search engine optimization process within 1 week. We know how important it is to get back your store on time and we value your time. We try to provide the best quality service in the shortest time possible.
Do you have to transfer the credentials of your store?
We know credentials are sensitive information but we need it to get insights into your Shopify store and make the required changes. Don’t worry, our services are 100% transparent and all your information is safe with us.
How can you contact us for additional information?
To get additional information from us we would recommend you contact our customer support via on-page chat support or filling out the contact us form by clicking here.


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