Essential Checklist Before Launching Shopify Store

published on 02 April 2021

Before launching any of the business or opening a store, or anything you are about to start in your life, first of all, you have to get ready with the stuff you will add to it, and for that, you should have a complete checklist ready.

Similarly, whenever you are about to launch your Shopify store, it’s way too exciting and amazing before you launch your store. You should be aware of all the things you have to add to your store, and after all, to get things done and ready, you can launch your store without facing any obstacles.

Numerous thoughts are running in mind when you launch your Shopify store. Everything from marketing to adding products to your store should be done perfectly and your website should look perfect and trustworthy, so your customers are more likely to attract to your store.

Before launching your store, go through the checklist and get the best for your store.


Add available sales channels to your store.

Add the best sales channels to your Shopify Store. It will help to increase your sales, and it will help you get a good audience.

Check some examples of sales channels that you can add to your Shopify store:

  • Amazon
  • eBay 
  • Social media websites like Instagram 

All the above sales channels can be connected with your Shopify store, and it will help you keep track of your product, orders, and customers easily.

Instagram leads to a great sale and helps you to raise your business. It helps a lot by adding a sales channel to your Shopify store.

Adding Custom Domain

Adding a custom domain is the last thing people do for their Shopify store, but you should do it first of them all. Choosing your domain helps your customers directly search and find your store t choose your domain name according to the website name. It would be best if you are doing it accordingly.

You can use the custom domain accordingly, but mostly the Shopify store domains are .store and .shop.


Checking all the payment gateways

All the payments should be completely secure, and it should be trustworthy because in the end, all comes to the payments and refunds. If your payment gateway is secure, you can build a customer’s trust easily.

So, in the end, the payment gateway should be completely secure and safe.


Get the standard pages ready.

Preparing all the standard pages is necessary because customers are willing to learn more about the company. So, you should add all the major information about your company to your store.

Check out some of the important things that are important to add to your store:

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Contact information
  • FAQ’s
  • Product tracking

This information is most necessary. A consumer will always find it to know more about your company, so adding this information always leads to the best results for the website.


Check your Email Review notifications.

Email notifications are the most important, and it’s essential because automatic emails help add mails directly to the customer. It will automatically drop the mail of placing an order, order confirmation, shopping notifications, and e-receipt mails.

Optimize Each image for of website

Check out all the images of your website. It should not be slow and have a fast loading time because it can harm the ratings of your website. It will help you out even when you are running a flash sale on your website.

Check out some of the rules you should follow while testing your website :

  • Check the naming of your images and add the best description to rank on SEO easily. Please find the best keywords for the images, too, so they should rank easily.
  • Choose the best file for the website. It can be .jpg, .png and for some of the images, you can use it as a gif file.
  • Keep the size of the file best on its own so that it could fit perfectly on your website.


Have a Pre-launch marketing plan for your store

The topmost priority for your store should be your marketing skills, and it will help you a lot to get good results. Before launching your store check out all the best marketing tactics for your store, so you should be able to get the best after launching your store.

Tap on the link to check more marketing skills for your store


Set your taxation and other charges

Check out all the charges and the taxes you are adding to the products are perfect or not because according to the products, there are different taxes and charges, so check it before you launch your store.


Set up live chat for customers

Set up all the contact details on your store and add a live chat option on your website because it helps the customers directly tap on that and get perfect support to buy your side. It all depends upon the customer, whatever you are adding to your store, if a customer gives the best reviews it will help you raise your business.


Set your billing information on the store

Connecting your payment gateway to your store is the most important step as it will enable customers to pay for their order directly on your website in a hassle-free manner.  

Install analytics tool

Analytics tools are most important for your Shopify store. You should set up your analytics from day one, and after that, you can easily recognize your data through this.

Google Analytics is the best analytics tool, and it's a well-known tool. You can use this or any of your choices to recognize the data and results you are getting.

After all these steps, you will be able to launch a perfect store, and it will help you a lot to increase your sales and get the best sales and profits in your store.

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