Best store for your dropshipping business

published on 30 January 2021

. YouSelectingselecting products and,If you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business, one of the many questions in your mind will be that you would choose a general dropshipping store or a niche dropshipping store. It completely depends on what type of dropshipping business you are going to start. The selection of the best dropshipping store will help you get great success in your e-commerce business.

So let’s discuss the further for both types of Dropshipping Stores :

General Dropshipping Store

The General store is a dropshipping store mainly built by multiple products from different industries and this helps the owner attract more customers at a time. General stores are not much profitable, but each time the customer enters your store, they will find the number of trending products out there and, most commonly will buy more stuff than he desires to buy.

For Example, a complete General Store includes different industry’s products. Such as Home, Kitchen, Garden, Clothing, Groceries, Electronics, etc.

A good example of the general store is Amazon.

Pros of General Dropshipping Store:

  • Vast Products Choice: General store allows you to choose the number of products from any industry, which will not trouble you for the selection of products and you can directly add the number of brands and products in your store.
  • Getting Customers Attention: As per the wide variety of products, people will get more attracted to the store despite going to the store with fewer available items.
  • Choice of picking Trending Products at the time: If you want to select a particular trending product at a time a general store may help you with this.

Cons of General Dropshipping Store:

  • Hard to Win Customer’s Trust: As a customer lands on your page and sees a number of brands on your site, leading to the customer’s dissatisfaction with the product he is really finding.
  • Confusion of product selection: In the general store, there is a maximum range of products and at a time it becomes a confusion about which product you should choose and which one to reject.

Niche Dropshipping Store

The Niche Store is generally a dropshipping store with a single niche or having products related to a particular interest. Niche stores mainly target the people interested in a particular brand or a specific product. An example of a Niche Store is Adidas. It deals with products of the sports and fitness niche.

Pros of Niche Dropshipping Store:

  • Easy to get filtered customers: If we are having a single niche it attracts a specific number, have of consumers interested in a single niche of products. It helps you to gain much profit and better marketing for your products.
  • Easy to rank: Niche stores have great benefits in the field of social media ranking as it is dealing with a single product and when any of the users search for the specific product the niche store will be ranked first.
  • Easy to manage: Niche stores are easier to manage than General stores because you don’t have to deal with a number of products as you will be dealing with a single product and it will be easy to manage and you can flexibly deal with people requirements.
  • Store Branding: Niche stores have the great power of branding because it mainly deals with single and trending products.

Cons of Niche Dropshipping Store:

  • Needs a lot of research and testing: Niche stores need a lot of testing and research because we can’t say without testing that your store will be successful. But if you are having good products and trending products at a time it would be quite easy for you to take a risk because good things don’t take much time to run on-trend
  • Not good to go for beginners: Niche store dropshipping is not recommended for beginners because of some risk factors in niche store dropshipping at the same time general stores are good for beginners as there are multiple products in general store which may help you to select the most trending one and can go for the same or can continue with the general store dropshipping. At the same time if you are having good knowledge of the same you can start the niche store by adding some of the trending products in your store which may provide you a better experience and a great profit.

Which store is better for your Dropshipping business: Niche VS General Dropshipping Store:

Both - Niche store and a general store are having equal importance depending upon your capability to handle the dropshipping business at a time. I also depends upon the of the products you are selling and the experience you’re having in the same business you are about to start.

If you are a complete beginner in the business then you should go with the general store because the general store is having a number of products at the same time a niche store only deals with a single niche or a single product which may cause a risk for you.

At the same time if you are having a good experience in the dropshipping business then you may choose the Niche dropshipping store business because you are having a good experience in your prior store which would help you to choose the trending products for your new store.


By reading this article you already know what is good in a niche store and in the general store. Now you can easily decide what is good for you and which store you should choose according to your experience and all the risk factors.

According to my experience and suggestion, I would recommend you to open a general store and test the maximum range of products and continue with the same else switch to the niche store according to the trends and your research on the products.

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